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Saturday, September 9: Permaculture Livestock – Forage and Fodder Workshop

Time: 9am – 11:30am

9541 Orange Blossom Road, Howey-In-The-Hills, Florida

Event Information

With the cost of livestock feed going up every year and the topsoil quality in the United States being at an all-time low, farmers are desperate to plant species for their livestock that are better for the animals and also the environment. Not to mention, if animal feed suddenly became unavailable for any reason, farmers need a way to feed their animals safely and confidently.

This workshop will cover some of the most beneficial plants that can be introduced to pasture edges to help diversify feed, increase biomass, and regenerate soil. In addition, many of these plants have a much higher nutrient and protein profile than traditionally used mono-crop pasture grasses.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to plant multi-species with in the pastures (using a couple different methods)
  • When you should ideally be planting pastures in Florida
  • How to plant perennial fence line forage
  • How to use Sunn Hemp for nitrogen fixing, biomass, and summer forage
  • How to install a fence line forage “food forest” for your livestock

Morning Schedule

9-9:45am = Teaching by Kris Edler PermacultureFX Founder

9:45-10am = Q&A

10 – 11:00am = Hands on Practicum (Participants will plant a fence line as a group and some will be leaving with cuttings to propagate their own. Limited quantity available)

11-11:30am = Q&A and Closing