PermacultureFX exists to tool up dirt ninjas, urban gardeners, and suburban homestead wannabes with tools needed to care for the earth, people and produce return on our labor.  If you are seeking to create abundance in your own backyard, the resources on these pages will help launch and inspire you, so get ready for an adventure.  The information here is most applicable for anyone in temperate climate growing zones.

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More About PermacultureFX

Perma…what?!  Siri can barely spell it and Google seems to always bring up all the weird hippie websites.  So, what is it?  Well, if you’ve heard the buzz word “permaculture” lately, it’s time to learn more about PermacultureFX.

Simply put…

permanent + agriculture = permaculture

Permaculture is a system of thought that teaches us to see the world around us in a way which leaves it better than we found it.  It’s more than a movement, it is a mindset which combines the best of science and nature.

In an age where there is both a resurgence of the old fashion ways of our grandparents and a continual flow of new scientific research regarding earth-care, many individuals are trying to figure out how to find balance between these two extremes.  The good news is that it is possible to wear a tie by day (and be a responsible adult) and then play in the dirt at night and on weekends.  It is becoming a “thing” to both be a successful professional AND someone who organically cares for the earth.

Whether or not you believe in global warming isn’t the point.  It doesn’t matter if you are some end of age, dooms-day-prepper OR an urban gardener just wanting fresh basil and tomatoes.  Wherever you are in the spectrum, there is a place for you here because caring for the earth and for our bodies is something important to all of us.  It is essential for living well and in a healthy community.


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Tenets of Permaculture

Caring for people around us:  This means mind, body, and spirit.  Humans are complex beings that require far more than the few things mentioned on the base level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  It’s true, we do need food, water, temperature, and clean air.  However, we also need acceptance, value, safety, self-actualization, and esteem.  These higher level needs are all part of caring for ourselves and those around us.

Attentiveness to the planet:  We are all living together on the same giant rock.  Let’s do our part in not only caring for and maintaining it, but also leaving it as good or better than we found it.  Permaculture utilizes age-old practices and traditions, but also integrates the latest scientific research to maximize bio-remediation.

Return on the labor of those involved:  That’s right – payment. Sometimes payment is in the form of the green stuff (dollar bills) and sometimes it’s in the form of the other green stuff (veggies).  However, at the end of the day, what is important is that we have return on our labor.  No one wants to invest time, energy, and money into something that has zero return.  Permaculture ninjas are experts at eliminating unnecessary parts of the system and maximizing return on investment.

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Permaculture in action

In the heart of any growing and thriving city lies the communities of families, homes, and backyards.  Some of these life-blood communities consists of small urban porches, others are in the suburbs on a 1/4 of an acre, and some are just outside of town on rural homesteads. CLICK HERE for a video tour of one of our partner food forests. 

It’s time to tool up and B.E. (Better Everyday).  Join the revolution and become a dirt ninja with us.